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REBORN By Amy Hsuan Chiu (limited signed version)

*This is a limited signed copy, different from other distrubution sites like Amazon*


[Limited Version Includes:]

- Quote Sticker x2

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- Postcard




REBORN is a collection of poetry that heals regrets, time, and unresolved conflicts. I wrote it because I hope my words can be with you through all the difficulties. 


Short Summary


REBORN is an adventure from pain and regrets to the process of healing and forgiving. You are not alone.

My name is Amy Hsuan Chiu and I am the author of REBORN. I wrote this book because healing, daily life poetry can bring people together and always make you believe there is a place for you again.

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover the values behind all the unresolved relationships, human matters, and complex emotions. In this book, I hope to instill the same sort of passion and excitement that I have for honest poetry in you. And then ultimately I want you to see this book as a tool to remind you to trust and to be kind to yourself again.

I want to share my stories in the form of poetry with friends, those who are going through hard times, and all of society. I believe the times when we get upset from reality in the world is when we need poetry the most. There are feelings, reflections, and power that only poetry can give. I needed to write this book to share the emotions that were overlooked. I want to use this book as a gift to myself and people I love, reminding them they deserve to be loved and cared about in life, that they are not alone.

In this book, you'll explore the intersections of Dreams and Reality, Time and Love, and Identity and Happiness.


I wrote this book for young adults who are going through conflicts between dreams and reality. This is also a book for people living in the 21st century who are experiencing technology and miss the old times. You will also love this book if you are someone from a different generation who looks for inspiration, ideas, and challenges.

REBORN is a collection of poetry that speaks to young adults and people with stories who are looking at ways to heal and a chance to understand one's inner soul for the first time.


The Book - REBORN 


The book is written in five parts.

Part 1 Embrace Moments of Darkness contains the feelings one experience at his/her darkest time. There are disappointments, regrets, pain, tears, challenges that take away happiness.

Part 2 Let the Light Peak Through contains the thoughts that come after all the hardships in life. The darkness exists to let the light peak through. There are poems about starting over, to believe again, and to bring back the innocent side of us.

Part 3 Say No Sometimes, Be Kind All Times contains poetry that encourages people to be who they want to be. There are doubts, but with confidence. You will ask questions in this section, but you will know you are not alone when you are chasing for something you believe in.

Part 4 Fight Like a Warrior is about being brave and honest with yourself. There is some humor in the poetry, as well as a list of dreams. There is poetry that reminds you of the good in you when you are tired of pretending and tired of living.

Part 5 Finale - Not The End has everything I believe about myself, the world, love, time, and regrets. They are in the form of prose and I will be writing about my honest opinions and wishes. This is not the end. It is just a beginning for you and me.




Q: Who is the publisher?


A: The publisher is New Degree Press. For more information please visit

REBORN By Amy Hsuan Chiu (limited signed version)


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